Ocean  Plastic  To  Fabric Blinds

In our everyday lives we are surrounded by plastic. Just think about every piece we touch in a single day: shopping bags, food containers, coffee cup lids, water bottles etc - the list is endlessWe depend on plastic so much, but it comes at a steep priceAt present we only recover approximately 6% of the oceans plastics. The oceans are littered with undegradable plastic which in turn becomes harmful to sea life and the planet. However, we are now turning things around and sifting out the unwanted sea plastics and converting it into SEA-TEX FABRICS. These fabrics are woven and dyed and then used to make VERTICAL  &  ROLLER  BLINDS.


                                                       SAVE  OUR  PLANET


Example Of  Fabric

SEA FAB_edited.jpg
Sea Turtle

Example Of  Fabric